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We combine years of experience in media relations, corporate communications and enviable networking capabilities. Our team is creative, knowledgeable and empowered to employ innovative techniques that elevate your brand to the next level, protect your public image and increase visibility to your key audience - which is key to us. We conduct professional activities with a strategic approach to showcase our clients publicly and communicate effectively.

We emphasize powerful, proactive and passionate media relations to deliver measurable results - and we always deliver.

1. Information Analysis and Assessment: On a daily basis we collect relevant information and data throughout various media outlets and produce an assessment on the prevailing issues that are of interest to the client, as well as the progress made in terms of image creation.

2. Media Relations: We forge meaningful and lasting relations with media representatives (press, radio, television and international agencies) to attain their support in expanding the reach and exposure of your brand.



3. Pressing Press Releases: Drafting documents is one of the fundamental tasks of CIMA. In addition to press releases we also prepare other pertinent documents, analysis and perspectives on topics of interest sent to the media as needed.

4. Media Access: We have the resources, expertise and vital connections to gain access to the media and communicate your views or interests to a target audience.

5. Coaching/Mentoring: A key element in building a good image is having your management staff well-trained in dealing with the media. We can arrange training workshops where your staff will participate in radio and television engagements and receive specific, hands-on training to equip them with the essential skills to manage press interviews.

6. Research and Analysis: Our specialty focus is to collect and analyze relevant information for your company. We do this through a daily review of reliable resources such as research institutes, academic and governmental sources. We also have the capacity to carry out surveys and studies with focus groups to ensure your business continues to thrive in the right direction.

7. Special Events: Whether it's a press conference, a formal dinner with clients, celebrating a major achievement or publicizing a new product or service, our agency has the capacity to successfully organize any affair (engagement as a better word). We pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure your event runs smoothly so can you concentrate on taking care of business.

8. Crisis Management: Your company’s reputation is paramount and needs to be protected and maintained at all times. Should your reputation become negatively challenged, it’s essential to be prepared with a strategic and comprehensive plan to protect your image. We will effectively implement maximum damage control to immediately restore your company’s credence and credibility.

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